Thursday, June 26, 2014

The luckdragon.

The young luck dragon smiles at me, his whirlpool like eyes circling like a baby´s, his tongue wagging out in every possible direction. I hear a slight ruffle of paper pache, green and orange scales moving everywhere, decorating the sky like a crazy tropical fruit, like a sun. For a moment, it seems like all the exuberance and youthfulness of the world is contained in that boundless face. Looking kind of like a mix between a Tiger, a Hippo, and a yo-yo, it looks so genuinely alive that I momentarily forget that it's only supposed to be a giant Chinese mask to celebrate the Year of the Unknown Tiger-Hippo-yoyo.

Turns out, this oversized creature, straight from the mind of the most commonplace Chinese legends, has made me feel like I haven't felt for weeks, maybe months, probably even years. And I can't stop staring at it. Almost like in a haze, I can hear myself thinking out loud... Or maybe not even thinking. Reacting. Awakening.

And then it comes, sudden, like a waveclap.


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